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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to open a private mailbox?

  • You will need to fill out and sign an application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent (USPS Form 1583). This allows us to receive your mail, as well as sign for any necessary parcels on your behalf. There is a copy of the form on our website here if you'd like to print and fill it out ahead of time, or we are able to do this in the store.
  • You will also need two forms of acceptable I.D.

What counts as an acceptable form of I.D.?

  • The Postmaster recognizes the following forms of I.D.: A Valid Driver's License, Government Issued ID, Armed Forces ID, University ID, Passport, Alien Registration, Certificate of Naturalization, Voter Registration, Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Insurance Card, Mortgage Certificate, or a Recognized Corporate Card.
  • We do not accept Credit Cards or Social Security Cards to protect your personal information's security.

Can I set up a private mailbox remotely?

  • While we would prefer to meet your face to face, we do allow remote set-up on a case by case basis. Contact us through our email or phone for more information.

How much does it cost to open a mailbox?

  • Our Personal mailboxes are $18/month. We require that new boxholders open for at least three months to start. After that time they can renew month to month, every 3 months, 6 months, or year. Take advantage of our long term renewal specials: Renewing for 6 months will include one additional month free, and renewing for a year will include two months for free.
  • Our Business mailboxes are $24/month. The same three month minimum is required to start.
  • Opening a mailbox includes a $10 setup fee. This is a one time charge.

What will my mailing address look like?

  • You will have a street address formatted like this:
    Your Name
    1467 Siskiyou Blvd #[Your Box Number]
    Ashland, OR 97520

Can I receive packages addressed to my box?

  • Absolutely! We accept packages that come by the post office, FedEx, UPS, and other regional shippers. Once your mailbox is opened we will be able to sign for your packages and store them safely behind the counter during store hours. After store hours, they are kept behind a locked grate for total security.

Can you forward my mail while I'm out of town, on vacation, or moving?

  • Yes! We are happy to forward mail to our boxholders. We only ask that you pay for the postage to the destination we are mailing to, and a $3 forwarding fee. Our forwarded mail always includes tracking, and we can email you a copy of the receipt with your tracking number on it so you can follow your mail's progress.

Is there 24/7 access? How can I check my mail?

  • Our boxholders are given a secure door code key upon opening their mailbox. This allows them access to their mail after store hours, on weekends, and holidays. Our mailbox area is always well-lit, and monitered by security cameras. The door will lock on your way out!
  • Please note that packages will only be availble for pickup during store hours.

Can I have multiple keys to my mailbox?

  • Mailstop provides boxholders with one key when opening a mailbox, and keeps a master copy as backup. If you need more than one key, you are welcome to make copies at your business of choice. We recommend Bear Creek Lock & Safe in the Ashland Shopping Center.

What happens when I need to close my mailbox?

  • Closing your mailbox is hassle-free! We'd prefer that you come in to close your box, so you can pick up mail and return your key, but if that's not convenient, you may let us know you're closing via phone or email and we can forward any mail you might have received.
  • After closing, we'll hold on to any first-class mail we receive for you for the next 3 months while you get everything changed to your new address. Give us a call if you think we might have gotten something by accident and we can forward it to you. After 3 months, any mail we receive will be returned to its sender.

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